Author: Daniel Yetman

Why the Seafood Diet Gives You Energy: 5 Common Pescatarian Foods High in Niacin

Can you name three common foods high in niacin? One of the biggest concerns people have when switching from a meat-containing diet to a pescatarian or vegetarian diet is nutrient deficiencies. But the truth is, it’s possible to be nutrient deficient on any kind of diet if you’re not eating nutrient-dense foods. Who’s at a…
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5 Pescatarian Benefits Every Seafood Lover Can Enjoy

If you’re a sushi aficionado looking for a way to eat spicy tuna rolls every day, you’ll be happy to learn about these pescatarian benefits. Okay, maybe you shouldn’t eat sushi every day (white rice is a high glycemic carb source after all), but still, research shows there are tons of benefits to replacing the…
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