Do you still remember the pain of your first breakup? 

Since You Lost Your Brother takes that pain and spreads it across 100 microstories. 

A young man and woman living in Canada are on the verge of getting engaged when the woman’s brother dies in a car accident. She falls into a depression that they can’t move past, eventually catalyzing their breakup.

Not sure of what to do with himself, the man moves to South Korea to put distance between them. But even though they live on opposite sides of the world, he clings to hope that they’ll somehow find each other again.

Daniel Yetman wrote this collection of stories while living in Seoul, South Korea during the summer of 2017.


“Darling, I’m settling into my new life, and I’m trying to meet people. But it’s still impossible for your name not to slip off my tongue in conversation with strangers, as if in order to introduce myself I have to introduce you, too. “


I burned everything you gave me, and in the blaze, I found hope that I could have a life without you in it. I thought you stole half of me, but I am still complete. A little broken and bruised and battered and beaten, but I will survive this and someday laugh at love, and I will not feel guilty for leaving you when you were the one who pushed me away.